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Dear Pony Club Members,        Topic SAFESPORT

Unfortunately, this is a subject that we all need to be aware of in our industry, or in any youth-based industry really.
They say Knowledge is Power, so let's be sure to arm ourselves with the knowledge we need to keep each other safe.

Below is a link made available thru the US Equestrian Federation that offers free courses for parents/guardians and minor athletes for SafeSport training.

I want to pass this information along to you in case you feel this training might be a good option for you or your child to review.

Currently, the USPC policy is that all Club Leaders, Certified Volunteers, Instructors, and/or club members over 18 years of age must obtain SafeSport certification, and that completed certification must be kept on file a the National Office.

If you obtain a certificate and wish to submit it to the USPC National Office, please send me a copy, and I can forward it to the correct department.

Thank you, and have a great day!

Tracie Johnson, 


The U.S. Center for SafeSport offers free courses for parents/guardians and minor athletes. US Equestrian encourages parents/guardians of our minor athletes to take Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport, a 30-minute training video that educates parents on recognizing, responding to, and preventing abuse and misconduct in your child’s sport setting. You will come away equipped with information and tactics to minimize risks of harm and know what helps create a safe sport environment for your children.

In addition, the parent toolkit provides information and resources to help parents understand the different types of abuse and misconduct, as well as provides tools and tips for talking to their child about sexual and emotional abuse. Access tools that help parents and coaches keep young athletes safe here

A 15-minute course for minor athletes aged 13-17 focuses on bullying prevention, supporting friends who have experienced abuse or misconduct, and resources for reporting.

A 15-minute course for minor athletes aged 5-12 educates on the difference between discipline and abuse and encourages them to reach out to a trusted adult when something is not right. It also stresses the importance of positive sportsmanship and having a healthy sport environment focused on fun and safety.

Parental consent is required for registration.